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Hand written praise to everyone

'Praise on Pat': Put the product in your basket and receive the link to your download. Open up the pdf, save it to your computer, print when you need.

Praise, acknowledgement, recognition and kudos











Distribute 1 handout to every team member and explain that everyone has to try the famous exercise 'Praise on Pat'. Help each other to tape the handout with masking tape. Ask everyone to be specific with their praise, ie let recognition relate to something concrete that has happened on the job: Thank you for helping with the heavy boxes!

Receive a link to 'Praise on Pat'
Order this handout and you will automatically receive a link in your mailbox. Print out the handout in A4. Present the exercise and start it up. Time the exercise and terminate after 3 minutes. Now invite everyone to talk about their experience, how many acknowledgements they received and how many they need, what they wish to get praised for and how they wish to be praised.


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