Stream FISH! presenting the world famous fishmongers for 1 day when you wish to DIY

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Streaming is easy: Place your order and receive a link and a password

1 day streaming of the original FISH! film: Duration 18 minutes (and 25 seconds). Pick your language for streaming. 

If you want more than a 1 day of streaming, click LINK, where you can order a USB stick, 1 year of streaming and various starter packs with FISH!

Catch the energy. Release the potential.

Enjoy the original film with Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. Watch how the fishmongers make the day of their customers and how they play. Watch also how what 'being there' means to them and what it means to 'choose their attitude'. Everyday life is all about going to work and earn money. The fishmongers have chosen to play while they work. FISH! gives hope to all of us!

FISH! is the antidote
FISH! has been called an antidote to cynicism, depression, burnout and anger. Our customers are using FISH! in a myriad of challenges that their company faces today: Vivid management, approach to work, great teamwork, employee retention, job satisfaction, creativity, exceptional customer service, quality improvement, change, renewal, etc.

Create your workplace-culture
The film is a source of inspiration for anyone who would like to experience more job satisfaction, recognition and enthusiasm. It is produced for the team, the management group and the individual.

Using the film
Preview the film and use it as inspiration or as part of a process. It complements all other tools, concepts and methods neatly. It can also stand alone because it invites an awareness of who you and your colleagues are when you do what you do. After the film you can consider: Which scene do you like the most? Try to explains your choice of scene in relation to your work?

Requirements for your equipment when you want to stream the film
You have an authorized e-mail address so you can receive a link, a user ID and a user password.
You have an Ethernet connection.
You can test your download speed is mine. 3 mbps right here:
If it does not work for you, please contact us by phone +45 71 92 55 63.

Preview FISH! for free
Follow this link, register and watch what FISH! is all about: 

Free preview of FISH! film


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