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Invitation to FISH!

There are numerous applications with a theme day for your team or your company. Do you go for a good day where you get to know one another? Do you go for inspiration for new ways to collaborate? Do you go for developing the business? Or do you go for more energy, more knowledge and more motivation? This FISH! training is offered as an internal day only.

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The theme day, which is based on FISH! philosophy, will contain:

See it
We take off heading a very famous fish market in Seattle.

Try it
The FISH! Philosophy practices will be unfolded in words and various exercizes. Everybody will be involved in trying and practicing the 4 FISH! principles: Play, Make their day. Be there. Chose your attitude. Every individual will meet each other crisscrossing, they will laugh together and get new ideas about your common everyday.

Do it
With this invitation above, you will be inspired to create more energy and new actions in daily life, to the delight of everyone around you.

Keep it alive
What do you do tomorrow? What do these new insights renew or restore? What do you want more of? What do you want less of? How will you make it visible? How will you BE it? How will you celebrate? The methods are simple and engaging. From here it's just easy, fun and meaningful to relate to a common life, despite the different tasks and responsibilities.

The price covers a workshop in danish language in Denmark. Please ask for a quote when outside Denmark.


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