Kick It Off: Keep it alive with FISH! STICKS

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Keep it alive with FISH! STICKS

A FISH! STICKS kick off is about keeping alive what really works.
This training-course is offered as an internal training only.

The headlines in FISH! STICKS
Get involved in the vision
Be the vision, and
Coach the vision

We invite you to join us behind the scenes with the fishmongers at World Famous Pike Place Fish. Here you will find the recipe for how they have kept alive their vision for more than 25 years.

Natural energy is the force
A positive vision for the future is the strongest renewal motivator, you and your employees can get. 'When we see the vision signaling us with its positive strength, it will reach us, as a rope across the river - and give us something to support us with when we cross the water!'

The vision
How about a vision for your way of being?
How about a vision for your teamwork?
How about a vision 'World Class'?
How about a vision 'Synergy 1 + 1 = 5'?

The vision formulated and expressed by the leader or management. It must be comprehensive and detailed, positive and inspiring. We can help you with this formulation work.

The invitation
Now the vision is launched and accepted. For this task, we use FISH!, because the language of the FISH! is effective. First, managers must be aware of this language with Leader FISH! Next, employees explore the vision and see the benefits of vision formulation of the future.

The obligation
Individual employees are invited to find their IT within the vision. This is done through sincere and intense conversations about work, customers, suppliers, colleagues. Then the individual employee's will find their way of being with their IT. Finally the employees will learn tools so that everyone can coach everyone with their IT.

Visions moments
Employees are now able to identify and live out the opportunities that will appear daily. These vision moments are situation where employees are acting on them. In this way it manifests the vision in reality.

External energy
The external energy comes from the outside and is transformed into internal natural energy. Natural energy occurs through authentic conversations and through IT. External energy is a necessary ingredient in the start-up of any vision or change. External energy is effective only in a short period of time. The external energy must be urgently replaced with natural energy as long as the vision or the change is kept alive.

Shall we meet 
Please put this Kick Off in your shopping cart. First we need to balance expectations and clarifying your needs and wishes. Prices quoted are indicative of group size from 5 to 50. Materials are not included in the price. Please contact us by phone +45 71 92 55 63 or via CONTACT.

All prices are based on training delivery within Denmark. 


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