FISH! TALES the book

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Deploy FISH! in just 12 weeks

FISH! TALES: English. 176 pages.

How to use the 4 FISH! principles in your company
Read these great stories about other companies. Read the book from start to finish or throw yourself into one of the principles and use the inspiration for your team, your sales and the retention of your employees.

How about a 12-week plan
The last part of the book contains a 12-week plan that you can use directly. The book contains many specific suggestions on what you can do to focus on FISH! over the next 12 weeks.

Let the book go on playing
Hand out a copy of The FISH! TALES book to every employee. If you show the films FISH!, FISH! STICKS and FISH! TALES and has 'translated' the philosophy into your daily life, the book is valuable to new employees. Use the books to create new conversations in the lunchroom, at the meeting or before you start a project or just want more energy and well-being. Everyone has their favorite sections or quote. Which page of the book do you find your favorite part?

Above watch a preview of the film FISH! TALES Collection.


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