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Speed FISH! is dialogue with high and natural energy

This download comes with a link in your mailbox. The pdf file with 50 sheets each with 4 questions, a total of 200 different questions. When printing, you can print 4 pages per sheet and then cut the cards out. This download is en danish language only. Please do contact us for other language versions.

Everyone knows about Speed Dating. But only a few have tried it out for real. Speed FISH! will remind you of Speed Dating. Everyone will talk to many in a short time using appreciative questions. This is energy to everyone.

Two circles
Ask your employees to stand in a circle. Point out employees individually and number them 1 and 2. Ask each employee to remember their number by either 1 or 2 fingers in the air. Ask all no. 2s to shape a new circle inside the original. 

Select the issue
Give each participant a Speed FISH! handout. Participants must choose which of the 4 questions they choose to ask. Disconnect shortly after first round of talks with a loud and clear sound and ask everyone in the inner circle to move 4 places to the right. Now all will face a new partner and can now decide to ask the new partner one of the four questions. Repeat max. 5 times. Thank everyone for their dedication.

Print these cards with 4 per A4 sheet and select the cards you want to use for your Speed FISH! 

Use Speed FISH! when your topic is about:
Your way of communicating
Your way of working together
Your way to help each other
Your way to ...

Speed FISH! works at its best when your group is of 12 or more persons.


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