The Development Game - DIY methods and cards

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Find the skill to be developed

The Development Game includes 140 cards with both social skills and communication skills. The game can be played alone or in groups. The Leaders Guide contains 3 game methods that can be varied depending on needs and experience.

This is wild
The game includes 140 chosen, qualified and structured skills. It is amazing that there are so many to explore.

And one more benefit
The game and the many skills helps you and your participants to gain a greater understanding of the skills that are in the competences. Participants will find out what is hiding in the competence and the value or importance of each competence. The game provides a clear picture of the possible competences that make it easier to identify those that can be developed. Another benefit is that the talks will develop relationships between participants, giving them insight into how others think and what others value.

When you order The Development Game you also receive 2 bonus methods.
You will receive them in a PDF along with the order confirmation.

Bonus Method 1: The energetic method
Guidance bar
Participants will find out what lies behind the skills and competences. They discover how much value the skill has when it is associated with a specific relationship or situation.

Bonus Method 2: A solitaire method
What skills do I want to develop?
Play with some random skills and discover new opportunities for your development.


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