DIY vision workshop: The Development Pack

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Development happens when the vision is clear

The Development Pack includes:
DVD 'Focus Your Vision' 
The Game of Work Value
10 Foam Reminder Hands

Start with what your participants want to develop. Discover the values ​​that are important and help them to translate them into actions.

DVD 'Focus Your Vision'
contains 7 messages. These messages will help your participants to find and pick the vision that will have the greatest impact when the objective is to be achieved. It may be the vision for each employee, for the team or the company. The film can be seen in full or in 7 parts. The vision is important to find the way to the goal. Once the vision is formulated and the road is clear, it is easy to take the right actions along the way. Actions that are consistent with the values ​​that the company and the individual employee stands for.

Tips & Tricks
DVD 'Focus Your Vision': Watch the appropriate sequence of the film. Then talk about the scene each liked best. Which conformity is there between the scene and your daily life? Choose a method to talk it through.
'The Game of Work Value': Place the cards according to the conformity. Choose your way to arrange the cards.
'The Foam Reminder Hand': Write your most important message on the hand. Choose a method to select this message.

Contact us for more methods.

Our experience
It is very helpful to use a film as a starting point for development. Participants will visit a different world and listen to some strangers. Therefore, it is easier to receive messages and hold them up to own values ​​and experiences. By putting the participants together and complement with a game, you will get the inspiration for valuable conversations. This is the opportunity to present new ways of thinking and acting. It should also be fun to review and evaluate and this is where the foam hand must be ready.


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