Book Kit: Creativity can be learned - and used

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Golden nuggets for the innovative team

Team pack: 12 'Creativity can be learned - and used!' booklets of 46 pages in A5 format. Expect 10 days delivery time. The booklet is written by John Bern. This book is in danish language only.

Creativity consists of putting old and familiar things together in a new way. You can not create something out of nothing. It must be created by the parts that are already here.

Even one of the greatest scientific geniuses that ever lived, Albert Einstein (1879-1955), did not contribute with new knowledge, when he created his famous theory of relativity, which he was inspired to in a dream.

He combined prior knowledge - in a new and better way. And thus he was so creative. But the point is that he was creative on the basis of information that any other just as well could have found in the dictionary. Also, you and I!

This booklet is a straightforward and easy to read instruction on how everyone can become more creative - and get great pleasure from it. 


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