DIY training: The Gift of Feedback with Marshall Goldsmith

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Ask for feedback

Marshall Goldsmith: The Gift of Feedback: DVD 21 minutes with English narration. Leaders Guide is included.

It is right there and it does not cost a penny
It requires very little time. Yet we use it so little. We talk about the feedback that you can learn to be aware of to seek, receive and use positive. Perhaps we forget to ask for feedback. Maybe we do not like to get feedback. And then when we get it, we do not know what to do with it. Yet all agree that feedback is crucial.

Meet feedback expert Marshall Goldsmith and learn his 5-step model
It takes courage to ask for feedback. Therefore, it is important to thank for any feedback you get, also the feedback you may not agree in. Feedback will help you to become more effective in your relationships.

'Why don't we just accept feedback?'
Goldsmith says that we tend to only accept feedback that is consistent with the way we perceive ourselves. We reject or deny feedback that is inconsistent with our self-image.

Goldsmith points out that the vast majority of managers are successful for many different reasons. They are smart, they are dedicated and they work hard. But they are successful despite some weaknesses. They are not perfect even though they have the best intentions. In addition, these talented leaders sometimes do thoughtless things. These things can be removed with feedback.


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