The Meeting Palette: Meet and develop

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Develop your attendees

Meetings in the real world: One meeting continues into the next. We do not remember the one from the other. We sit in the chair, we usually sit in. We try to be interested. One suppresses a yawn. Another one doodles on a sheet of paper. Lets do a roundtable, which becomes uneven and without inspiration. The chairman lifts his voice and starts his monologue. Then we look at the numbers. Boredom has really got a seat at the table.

Now there is hope for all participants and for the scheduler. Order this tool and get started quickly. Meeting palette comprises:

1 overview poster The Meeting Palette 50 x 70 cm
1 mobile overview poster The Meeting Palette 35 x 50 cm
5 draft The Meeting Palette in A4 (Also available in PDF format for printing)
1 E-booklet: The Meeting Palette Inspiration supplied as a Pdf, and
1 set of dialogue cards 'Meet Uptions'

The goal is not that your meeting will be better. The goal is that your participants will be better.
A good meeting has many more elements than the date, participants and agenda. How about the invitation, the meeting room and the pases of the meeting's. 

Requirements for future meetings. The meeting participants want:

Meetings that makes them better ...
Meetings that motivates to ...
Meetings that gives pleasure for ...
Meetings mobilizing ...

Design your meeting

With The Meeting Palette tools you as a meeting organizer is able to create an overview of the meeting elements and to design the next meeting. With The Meeting Palette and the dialogue cards, it is also possible to involve the participants in the design of the next meeting.

The Meeting Palette is developed by Mette Berner and Michael Meinhardt, who for years have developed inspiring meeting tools and implement participatory training courses and workshops.


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