The Meeting Pack Offer and always an involving DIY tool

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Serve 10 tools in your meeting room

Order The Meet Pack with 10 valuable tools that will transform your meeting to shorter, fun and effective meetings. Place The Meet Pack on your meeting table. It will invite your team to lots of new activities and lead to new ideas.

If your meeting room exudes calm, cleanliness and order it is likely the outcome. When the room exudes dynamism, vitality and creativity there is a great chance for development.

Use the tools in your internal meetings like
Team meetings
Management team meetings
Project group meetings, and 
Brainstorming sessions

The tools will help you to achieve a great new meeting culture with an appropriate and open dialogue that delivers a fine temperature. Everyone will be challenged, engaged and developed.

The Meet Pack contains 10 tools (click on the images below and read more about the tool):
The Meet UPTION game.
The Business UPTION game.
The Quotations Game.
Rory's Story Cubes.
Infinite Questions and Acknowledgements.
5 Snip Snaps.
Picture Game Dialoogle Pocket.
2 yellow Foam Hands.
1 yellow Foam Buble.
1 Attitude banner (paper 30 X 120 cm) with 50 attitudes for meeting participants to choose from.

Our experience
We have very good experience with these tools in our meetings and workshops. We watch participants becoming involved. We watch participants having fun. We watch participants really being there.

The overall idea in the meeting becomes visible when everyone is involved and when curiosity, enthusiasm and understanding materialize. We choose to let participants recognize a lot. We do this because it's so important to be recognized for what we have contributed with. It promotes confidence in the group and create joy. The road to the new behavior has thus become much shorter.


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