Match&Catch leads to involvement, understanding and experience

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Succeed with all types of change

No matter what change you, the team and the company are facing, Match&Catch can serve as a framework for effective discussions and active dialogue. Match&Catch replaces a half course day or a half day workshop with a professional consultant. Anyone can use Match&Catch. It is build and designed for leaders, trainers and facilitators.

Match&Catch will be available in an english version soon. Please contact us for more info about language versions.

Match&Catch consists of 63 picture cards, 40 task cards, 1 start-up card, 1 fate card, 1 actionplan and 1 userguide. Appoint a gamemaster who is responsible for following the instructions with the texts to be said aloud, the methods of conversation and the use of the cards. Number of participants from 4 to 21 per. Match&Catch box. Duration: 1 to 2,5 hours. Behind Match & Catch is Pernille Østergaard Poulsen.

Match&Catch include 4 phases:


Go on an exciting discovery and experience the feeling of being in deep water. To discover the possibilities of change, it requires your curiosity to find the hidden potentials. And Match & Catch helps you with that - while you are an explorer.


What wishes do you have for the future? With Match & Catch you will challenge the current working life and use your imagination to set up new scenarios. I wonder if it can really be done right now and here. Right now, the little grays need to be activated so that all options are put in focus.


Unleash your creativity and find out how wishes for the future can be realized in the work with change. This is the first step towards setting goals for how the work on change should look in the future. Now a bridge is being built between dreams and what can actually be done.


This is where you actually have to work with goals for the future. Everyone is involved in setting goals to be acted on. The starting point for the goals is that the wishes can become a reality in the future.

How Match&Catch works

Match&Catch is dialogue-based and encourages all employees to reflect on the possibilities of a change. Through dialogue, everyone gets the opportunity to influence and make their mark on change.

The dialogue encourages telling stories that describe the employee's own understanding and experience.

The starting point of the dialogue is pictures. The images make the limitations of change external. This is an advantage when a common understanding must be found.


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