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The team above are the very famous fishmongers from Pike Place Fish Co., who for over 20 years have enjoyed the benefits of having a motivating leader who focused on the collaboration. Their collaboration is extraordinary. A film about them was produced. Several books were written about them. The employees themselves wrote the book 'CATCH!' The leader wrote the book 'When fish fly'. The leader also received help from a coach who attends the weekly meetings. Still. Twenty years later. There was a focus on the team and their collaboration. Pike Place Fish Co. is a great example of a company that sincerely, persistently and fervently works together to create and maintain their commitment every day.

Pike Place Fish Co. received help from films and books about the company. These made them extra famous under the name FISH!

Pike Place Fish Co. are those who are successful with motivation and commitment. Here come a few pieces of failure.

In DSB's regional trains, a sign is mounted at the exit doors. The text reads: 'Spread out on the platform'. The authors of the sign probably imagine that it is possible to speak to individuals and achieve an overall group result. But individuals cannot step out on a platform and act as if they have made appointments inside the train. An agreement requires that everyone is well stocked with the desire, faith, will and appreciation to cooperate on the matter. And such an agreement also requires a leader.

Some people mistakenly think that you can motivate individual train passengers to enter a platform distribution agreements themselves. You can not do that.

In many workplaces there is a dishwasher in the kitchen. The idea is that everyone should put their dirty cups into the machine. But for various reasons, a whole lot of dirty dishes always end up on top of the dishwasher

'Well. I thought the machine was full or broken.

Lack of leadership and motivation causes all employees to become petty and start issuing spontaneous clean-up orders and forget about giving the entire group the desire, faith, will and appreciation to help each other keep order. It is not possible to motivate a single employee to clean up after everyone, when in reality it is everyone's responsibility to take care of themselves. The task often ends with the most self-sacrificing, who is the employee who does not have the slightest objection to cleaning up after everyone.

Some people mistakenly think that you can motivate individual employees to enter into agreements about the dishes themselves. You can not do that.

Motivation of a single employee's commitment to collaboration is not possible. And it's not because motivation for collaboration can only happen by motivating the desire, faith, will and appreciation of the whole team at once, where the interest and commitment is created to be a team. It leads nowhere to motivate one out of an entire team of fifteen to collaborate. The whole team must be motivated for the commitment. The whole team must want to show up and to participate. The whole team must have faith that it is useful. The whole team must have the will to provide and help each other. The whole team must be appreciative. And the whole team must have the desire to continue.

When it's not possible to motivate one - how do I motivate the whole team?

Standing in front of a group of employees, a group of network participants, a team, a team of course participants, a management team - can be stressful. Do I now remember to say and do everything I planned? I've made a plan. I have my agenda. I have the keywords. I have a good overview of the time.

But I have no idea how to give them all desire, faith, will and appreciation!

Luckily we are someone who has tried it. To stand as leaders, course leaders, network leaders, meeting leaders. Often. We have made many mistakes. It has gone wrong very many times. And every single time we have learned something. We have also made many real ones. Fortunately, it has gone well even more times. And we have learned a lot from that too. Most of the real ones we learned directly from Pike Place Fish Co. We have learned so much that today we can say with certainty: When you, as a leader, want to motivate your team to get involved in a cause, a task or a situation, then you must give them all the desire, believe , will and appreciation. We need to explain that a little more.

For this purpose, we have formulated a motivation model that will help all leaders who want to motivate their team, their team, their department. The motivation model deals with how the leader takes a starting point in a case, task or situation that the team must work on. With the model's 7 steps, the manager succeeds in creating the desire, faith, will and appreciation of all employees.

The MOVING YOU MODEL's 7 steps are simple and the leader can prepare for them before standing up in front of the team:

The leader gives the whole team the desire to show up.
The leader gives the whole team the desire to participate.
The leader gives the whole team the belief that it is useful.
The leader gives the whole team the will to provide.
The leader gives the whole team the will to help.
The leader gives whole teams a desire to appreciate.
The leader gives the whole team the desire to continue.

A model like this only shows the headlines. The individual steps sound self-explanatory. But each step has a good explanation that no leader would do without. Each step also requires some variations, so that the leader does not repeat himself, but renews himself within the model. Therefore, we have both developed the motivation model, conceptualized the motivation model and made the motivation model course-friendly.

Written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.


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