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Boost the commitment of all employees at the same time

There are great both visible and invisible challenges in leadership groups, where the leaders naturally represent each department. On the surface, they are friendly and accommodating to each other. But beneath the surface lurk different expectations, promises and challenges from the various employee groups. Something that ends up creating conflicts and misunderstandings between the leaders. This ultimately makes it difficult when you have to perform 100% together on something and at the same time make the company a better place for everyone to work.

For the individual leader, it is meaningful to seek development and inspiration for himself and his own department. But often everyday life becomes the same because the rest of the leaders do not have the same interest, understanding, knowledge or experience. Therefore, it is a difficult task to translate the newly developed into everyday life.

The fact is that the tasks are different in the individual departments. At that point, the specific challenges of the leaders will therefore also be different. But it is a mistake that managers work separately on that background instead of collaborating for the success of the company.

The actual task for the management team is to be united in the motivational work of all the employees in the company. The work of the management team is not just about coordinating planning or informing each other about the work in the departments.

Individually, the leaders are unique. They have unique qualities, experiences and knowledge, etc. But the management team must be developed together in a common approach to motivate the employees. Not with the goal of having motivated employees. No, but with the goal of having committed employees, which can be translated to all employees having a common interest in the success of the company. And this in turn means that all employees work and collaborate through a commitment to achieve this success.

If employees really need to be engaged in their work, it only happens if they can see that it is of some use across departments. Why, for example, do they have to work hard in the sales department when the colleagues in the warehouse are not doing their job well in relation to what the customers are promised? And it is here that the management team's common motivating approach is vital and important.

How do you ensure motivation throughout the company?

If you do not have a clear solution, you can read on and get inspired. We have been working with managers and their employees for more than 17 years. Over the many years, we have learned that no matter how fantastic the individual manager is, the commitment of their employees is amputated because the management team itself is divided in their motivating approach. It creates negative impacts in the individual departments. And it matters to the results that the company performs.

Leaders should not copy each other. Leaders need to back each other up and encourage each other. Therefore, leaders must also be together when developing their motivational approach. Completely like the employees of a team who also participate collectively in the course for the team.

But managers must each find their unique key to motivating employees. They must discover where, when and how they support each other in the motivational work. Only then will the management team appear as a unified, motivating unit to all employees.

If you really want to crack the motivation code, it does not happen because you become better at motivating the individual employee.

You only break the motivation code when you develop your way of looking at employees as a whole - across departments. And you can only do that when you help each other along the way in that development.

The managers want to achieve the community in the management team that is motivating for the employees. They gain an understanding of each other's different motivational qualities and experiences to motivate the employees. In each other's departments and across departments.

The course runs in 4 days and the days are adapted according to your needs. The management team works its way through the MOVING YOU MODEL's 7 modes. Here the individual leader finds his understanding of the model and the whole group discovers very precisely how they help each other with the motivational work in everyday life and at the strategic level.

It does not help to know a bunch of motivation theories if you want to motivate your employees. You must first and foremost know what it is that the motivation must lead to in you. In the short term and in the long term. And on that basis, the motivation must be practiced by the individual leader and in the leadership group.

Each individual employee can be motivated through individual development courses and reward opportunities. Where the real purpose is really to optimize the individual employee as best as possible.

But if you want the company to be successful, everyone must look beyond their own nose and throw themselves into the collaboration about the work, including the management team. This will happen naturally when both the employees and the management team have the desire to do so. This desire is transformed into everyone believing that their effort is useful and important. Only here does everyone get the will to provide the best they can and help each other along the way. And everyone will naturally recognize and appreciate the collaboration and management. And everyone wants to continue working tomorrow.

All this only happens when the management team is united on the motivating approach in the company.

Register yourself and your management team for the BOOST Course. It is designed for management teams who want all employees in the company to be engaged in their work and collaboration.

Written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.

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