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Is it really necessary to play at work?

What is PLAY? If you think in the direction of learning, experimenting or interaction, then it makes sense. Wherever creativity flourishes, play is in progress. We all learn as we did when we were kids - by playing with ideas. We learn by ignoring the idea that we are limited. We open our eyes.

Here are 3 ways to relate to LEG when we're at work:

First way: PLAY without work
The individual employee or group can step away from the tasks and start PLAYING. This is what happens when you step out on the lawn and start a game of round ball or go out on the walkway and PLAY a chair race. It is fun. It provides energy. Those who want to join get red cheeks. The community is thriving. If the boss allows it, then it's a great way to train cooperation, focus, enthusiasm and a range of other competencies. The boss and the employees know very well that it costs money. Because while the PLAYER is going on, we will not be able to solve our tasks. We choose to see it as an investment. THE PLAY makes us better at everything that is required of us when we are back on the stick.

Second way: Let's try to PLAY with the idea that…
We sit down at the meeting table and get started on the somewhat difficult meeting point. The chair opens his mouth: ‘We have reached the third point where we must try to find a solution. Let's try to PLAY with the idea that… ‘With this, little word‘ PLAY ’something happens in the group. So we have to start with something less dangerous. We may well sign up, contribute, try, try. The small word disarms many conflict-ridden areas. Now it becomes harmless. We can calmly throw ourselves into it. The chair of the meeting is in fact inviting LEG. He invites openness. He invites contributions.

Third way: PLAY and work
If the work is what needs to be done, then the PLAY is the way the work is done. THE PLAYER is an approach, a way. You can shovel snow and cry or laugh at the same time. You decide the access yourself. You can agree to sing while packing bank statements. You can be impatient and busy. You choose for yourself. Some Seattle fishmongers have chosen their ways of serving customers. They throw the fish. They shout customers' orders in chorus. They dance like fish. They give the fish first aid. They say funny things to the customers. The fishmongers PLAY while they work. PLAY and work are fused together.

Written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.


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