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Five good questions about eLEARNING

We hear so many questions about the use of eLEARNING and about FISH! eLEARNING in particular. Here are some of the good questions we often hear:

1: Does eLEARNING not take up too much time?

Studies show that eLEARNING typically takes between 40% and 60% less time than when learning the same thing in a traditional classroom. FISH! eLEARNING can be accessed from any computer or mobile when it suits the employee and at the employee's own pace. A few minutes at a time or the whole course at once (1 hour in total).

2: Is eLEARNING most suited for young people?

Half of all content on YouTube is viewed by those aged 35 to 64. 55% of all people over the age of 50 receive news online. If you watch videos or read news on a PC, tablet or mobile phone, then you are already familiar with eLEARNING. FISH! eLEARNING offers exciting video clips, quizzes and measurements that help all ages to work more efficiently.

3: Is eLEARNING mostly about smart technology?

The content clearly comes first. Just like with the original FISH! video, then FISH! eLEARNING engaging and fun. FISH! eLEARNING just dives further down, so it is possible to understand and choose in the four FISH! practices. That's why FISH eLEARNING works! so well no matter your team is scattered or you want to extend the experience of FISH! after a FISH! live workshop.

4: Do employees really remember anything from eLEARNING?

The Research Institute of America can demonstrate that eLEARNING improves learning by 25 to 60% versus 8 to 10% for traditional teaching. The learning from FISH! eLEARNING is so powerful because the ideas can be used immediately in all relationships. And as soon as the employee sees the impact of the simple practices, he or she is naturally more likely to make them part of his or her behavior.

5: Is eLEARNING terribly expensive?

A study conducted by IBM showed that every dollar they invested in online education resulted in a $ 30 gain in productivity. FISH! eLEARNING sharpens and enhances the skills that increase trust, teamwork, commitment and responsibility. These elements are the very foundation of any high-performance and dynamic business. Studies have also shown that the companies that use eLEARNING have a higher employee satisfaction and affiliation with the company. What would you achieve as a company if your employees worked more efficiently together and with greater commitment?

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Written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.


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