The Values Game - activate your ideas with DIY cards and methods

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Play the values game

The Values Game contains 141 cards divided into 3 categories. 65 value cards, 39 cards with group norms and 37 cards with topics. The Leaders Guide delivers 4 playing methods that you can vary depending on your needs and experiences. The game can be played alone or played in groups. The game can both be ordered in a Danish version and an English-language version.

Talk about values and norms
The Values Game is an effective and fun way to talk about values and norms. The game gives a freedom to talk about the importance of the existing values and talking about how to bring them into action. It is also a simple and direct way to talk about group norms that shapes the culture of the company and to discover the values that are hiding in the norms.

The values at stake
Values are often just words found on the company website. Values can also be unconscious behavior in relation to some norms that are 'dictated' by a group. The conversations in the game releases human potential, as good teamwork is based on.

Bonus Method 1: Value Poker - The Value Hand

Number of participants from 3 to 12 with 1 card game.

Time consumption approx. 20 minutes.

This is a quick way to talk about values. It brings the conversation about values to a clear and visible level. 'Who are we when we do what we do?'

Everyone gets involved and recognized through the values. Each participant gets 5 value cards. Everyone then gives a minimum of 3 of the value cards to 3 other participants. One for each. A value that you think this person values. Or a value that you think is exhibited. Tell the person why you give this value. You may not receive a value from a participant to whom you have just given a value. There must be another participant between you. You may not give away a value card that you have received.

Continue until everyone has received and given their 3 value cards away. Some may manage to give all 5 value cards to 5 other participants. Get together in pairs and talk about your valuable hand - including the values that were not given away. What is valuable? Thank the participants for their commitment.


Bonus method 2: A solitaire method

The valuable norms of behavior.

Every culture is based on behavioral norms formed by a group of people. Sometimes, by people who are no longer part of the group. The norms of behavior have a meaning and a value so that the community can last and they help the individual to adapt in the group. With this solitaire, you will have the opportunity to discover the norms of behavior that are part of the group's culture. You will also discover the value of behavioral norms. Perhaps you scoff at some behavioral norms that need to be renewed.

Take the deck with all the standard cards.

Evaluate the cards one at a time.

  • You put the standards that you recognize in your company in one pile.
  • You put the norms that you do not recognize in another pile.

Keep the deck with the known standards and spread the cards out on the table.

Take the pile of value cards.

Which values are at stake in relation to these norms? Place the value cards in play next to the standard card that the card matches.
What ideas and thoughts does it give you to see norms and values in this way?


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