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Shake your brain: There's always more than one 'right answer'

Order book and game in one pack and enjoy a discount - and then enjoy lots of new ideas.

The Creativity Game
- contains 64 strategies and can be played by one or more persons. Some cards indicate where you can reach more information. Some provide you with techniques for generating ideas. Other cards provide advice on decision making or gives you inspiration to bring your ideas to life.

The book: A Whack on the Side of the Head 
Learn to overcome mental blocks and set your imagination free. You learn the four roles of the creative process: The scientist, the artist, the judge and the warrior in order to create and apply new ideas. And you learn to look for more than one 'right answer'.

The book is filled with fun illustrations, provoking riddles, anecdotes, exercises, metaphors, questions, stories and tips. This guide to think in new ways opens your mind for creative thinking.


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