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Team conversation becomes great fun

Download 'The Talking Game': Add' product to your basket and purchase it in the normal way. You will automatically receive a pdf in your mail box for you to save and print as needed. Shipping will not be added. Print out the version that suits you and your participants the best. You can print it out in A3 size.

The intention of the game is to promote good relationships in your group. This will happen through a series of simple, positive and curious questions. Everyone is getting acquainted. It is not important who wins the prize. It is important that most participants get through as many questions as possible and get to know other better.

'The Talking Game' includes 5 different tablets with 5 different headlines. Each tablet is available in a Danish and an English version. Print out the tablet in the desired language version. Have a dice ready. 

The Talking Game: The game with a START and a FINNISH LINE
Choose one to begin: For example, the oldest, the youngest, the last to arrive or alphabetical order. Agree in advance on the ends when the first is the goal, or whether all should be in goal.

Each employee chooses a small thing that can represent them on the board. So throw first employee a cube (do I even bring from home) and moves his stuff as many eyes as the cube shows and doing what 'field' says. Then, the next employee trip and so on.

The employee who first reaches the finish line has won the prize.

5 different games

Plate 1 is about getting to know each other and find out what promotes work joy for the individual.

Plate 2 - Development. It is about achieving a greater understanding of the concept of development and the impact in the workplace.

Plate 3 - Personal development is identical to Part 2, but is about achieving a greater understanding of personal development and how it affects colleagues.

Plate 4 - What is this about? Here's 11 ordinary words that are used frequently during a working day. But what do they mean according to you?

Plate 5 - A great day at work. What will it take to make it great from start to finish. Review the day and listen to the answers from colleagues. Let your colleagues listen to your answers as well.

Let the talking begin!


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