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Say it with a saying

If your meetings easily pass into oblivion and if the majority of your participants do not look forward to your meetings and if your participants send glances to each other - then your meetings will be more than spiced up with a sprinkling 'Sayings & Proverbs'.

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Sayings & Proverbs consists of 100 articulate dialogue cards. This game can be used on internal meetings, management group meetings, workshops, training courses and personal development.

Proverbs creates good talks
Proverbs are marvelous, whimsical, quirky and serious. Proverbs describe in a few words a situation in one powerful phrase. Proverbs gives food for thought and this is where all good dialogue occurs.

Permission to speak
With Sayings & Proverbs participants gets a license to say everything of significance related to your meeting topic. The saying is a means for the individual to formulate several well-chosen, personal and appropriate words. 

One method: The energetic method
Ask everyone to step out on the floor. Handout each participant a proverb. Ask them to pair up and read their proverbs out loud to their partner and then describe the thoughts, ideas or words they will accompany with. When both partners have ventilated their proverbs they must swap proverbs and continue with a new partner. Stop the game when everyone have spoken to 5-7 partners. Ask participants: Which proverb was the best you met and why?

Another method: Saying Solitaire
For example, select 5 proverbs for a specific topic. Place these proverbs in a pile and pull one saying a day and place it visible so you and your colleagues can see it. Use the daily proverb to inspire the talks of your day. When the day is almost over read the proverb again and review the words you have heard.


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