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Round the table with half sentences

Download: 'A fresh roundtable': Add 'product' into your basket and purchase it normally. You will then automatically receive a pdf in your mail box, ready to print. Print and cut out the 4 stories. Print as many as you need, so that participants can have one each.

You already know the minutes of the agenda: Roundtable. It is an effective way where participants explain their current tasks and situation. Here is a variation of this traditional roundtable.

A fresh and fun frame
Here are 4 small stories. Each story contains 4 to 5 half sentences. These sentences are to be completed by each participant.

Idea 1: Roundtable
Use the traditional roundtable and listen to the stories. Make it as spontaneous as possible. Or ask participants to prepare first.

Idea 2: First one side. Then the other.
Ask participants to share their stories with their neighbors to one side. After this first story, turn to your other neighbor and tell the same story again. You are allowed to say something different from the first story.

Idea 3: Stand up. Walk around.
Stand up and use the floor. Approach a colleague and share your story. When you have finished your story, swop your handout and approach a new colleague. Use the new handout and make it your own. After the floor exercise everyone can share with their neighbor: The best thing you heard or said.


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