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Allow open and honest communication in the team

60 reflection cards. Each card contains 2 reflections. There are 3 methods of use included. The reflection cards come as a pdf, so you can save the file and print as needed. Shipping is not calculated for this product.

As you and your participants reflect on each other's tasks, you will gain a greater shared understanding of the importance of everyone's work efforts. When the reflections contain values, it will also affect your trust in each other in the collaboration. It will be easier for everyone to communicate in a friendly and constructive way during the work day with each other and your customers.

It is not easy for everyone to reflect openly to their colleagues. It takes practice and confidence. Infinite Reflections provide a meaningful opportunity to practice openness in the team and trust each other.

Infinite Reflections can be used by all groups who enjoy a good conversation with each other on daily life. At the same time, everyone helps to discover and focus on things that have a positive impact on the individual and on the whole group.

The cards are divided into 2 categories

Endless daily reflections focus on today. They can be used as the end of a meeting, a work day or the day in full.
Endless appreciating reflections focus on appreciating something or someone. They can be used in the same way as the daily cards. But they can also be used at other times than at the end.
You will receive 3 methods of use when ordering the cards. Here is an example of a fourth method.

You, me and all of us

Divide employees into smaller groups (3 to 5)
Give the group 4 daily reflection cards and 4 appreciated reflection cards.
First, place the daily reflection cards with the text up, visible to everyone.
One at a time, employees choose to reflect highly on one daily reflection card. It may be optional which of the two reflections on the card should be reflected on.
When everyone has been through, the appreciating reflection cards with the text are placed, visible to everyone.
One employee at a time chooses to reflect highly on one appreciative reflection card. It may be optional which of the two reflections on the card should be reflected on.

Questions at the end of the group's reflections

How did you experience this reflection with each other?
How important is it that you are good at telling this to each other?


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