Throw and catch Thumballs for a great working environment

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Serious and fun: Round, soft and deliciuous and full of fine questions

'The Thumball' has english text only. It contains 32 activating questions that have to be answered depending on the person, the situation and the relationships. This will give an infinite number of options. 

Users say the Thumball is one of the best icebreakers, they have tried, because the topics relate to their situation.

Choose between 14 different Thumballs. You can order Thumballs in multi-piece price:

  • Buy 1 or 2 Thumballs at the same time - price DKK 375 a piece plus delivery and VAT.
  • Buy 3 to 6 Thumballs at the same time - price DKK 365 a piece plus delivery and VAT.
  • Buy 7 or more Thumballs at the same time - DKK 355 a piece plus delivery and VAT.

Explain your team that the Thumball is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about themselves and their colleagues. Help participants who may not be completely eager about icebreakers to understand that you get to know each other better, you learn more about goals and expectations, and you get the opportunity to air concerns that may interfere.

How to use the Thumball 

Let the Thumball roll, fly or be passed on in a way that you introduce. Always start carefully by answering one or two statements yourself to show how the ball is used and how long the answers and sentences need to be.

Choose a method

  1. Ask the ‘pitcher’ to read the text aloud which is under his/her thumb. The answers must relate to the job, to the team, their teamwork, their tasks.
  2. Suggest what an imaginary person would answer, e.g. the queen, the king, the prime minister, a colleague or a famous actor.
  3. Ask a ‘pitcher’ to repeat some of the previous ‘pitchers’ answers before adding his/her own answer.
  4. Now and then you can invite a ‘pitcher’ to choose a question that everybody must answer.
  5. Register the answers and draw a curve.
  6. Invite a pitcher to deliver the ball saying a number between 1. and 30. The new pitcher finds the number on the ball and answers.

Choose between 14 different Thumballs. One for every important topic in your team. 

Book a 1 hour workshop
Try out tools focusing on dialogue (Thumball, picture cards, dialogue cards, coaching carpet) with your team. Order a one hour workshop with Michael Meinhardt. He will guide you and your team through different methods and tools and involve everybody for weeks ahead. Workshop price is DKK 2.500 plus travelling expences.


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