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The self-study workbook 'The Inviting Leader' shows hitherto undiscovered shortcuts to the hearts of all your employees

THE INVITING LEADER: 176 pages. Language Danish. Format A4 landscape with a spiral spine. The book is written by Mette Berner and Michael Meinhardt.

'You can pay the employees to use their heads and hands at work. But you can't pay them to use their hearts. But it is in their hearts that you find their responsibility, pride, motivation, joy, creativity and helpfulness. In short - the desire, belief, will and appreciation of the employees in relation to the work can only be found as something you cannot pay them for. They have to give it voluntarily, and you can therefore only invite it forward.

The book unfolds 7 practices and associated routines, which are fundamental for the inviting leader. Along the way, the reader will discover how it goes with inviting the employees and engaging them at work. The 7 practices look like this:

  • Understand how you, as a manager, invite all your employees to a meeting room that is inviting and that gives them all an inviting reception.
  • Learn how to gather the whole group and sync them simultaneously.
  • Formulate your very own pep talk based on the necessary ingredients.
  • Become fully aware of how you allow psychological freedom.
  • Agree how you will help each other.
  • Spend time appreciating each other.
  • Round off the meeting with the vital New Year's speech.

The book is full of practical checklists that the manager can let his eyes roll over and make his choice. There will be direct access to the hearts of the employees in the years to come.

Read more about the workshop, which covers all the book's chapters BOOST WORKSHOP here 


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