Booklet: Creative processes in practice

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Creative processes in practice

Creative processes in practice: Booklet in danish. 44 pages. Finn Kollerup.

The number of techniques to promote creativity are almost endless. A careful review describes 172 different techniques for generating ideas. It is obvious that you have to make some choices if you decide to implement a facilitated, creative process. These choices will often be left to you - the facilitator.

In the booklet you will find a brief description of selected creative processes. Most methods are simple to use. And practice makes perfect. Although you will not use all the methods, it is my hope that you will find them useful. The usefulness of creative methods are greatly influenced by your own preferences and personality. If some of the methods do not work for you, skip them.

You can also use the book as a starting point for further exploration of all the exciting literature available on creative and innovative methods.


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