THE MEETING JOKER: What would the JOKER say?

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Let the JOKER join your next departmental meeting

This pack is full of serious and fun meeting tools that will be the JOKER at any departmental meeting. When a topic has been presented and it requires involvement, when new energy is needed, when everyone's input and everyone's understanding is needed, dive into this JOKER PACK and pull up a JOKER.

The MEETING JOKER contains these 10 cool tools:

  • 1 set of Dialoogle Pocket picture cards: Spread a number of cards on a table or floor and ask everyone to choose 1 card and comment in pairs or in groups.
  • 1 Meeting Zest Thumball: Throw the ball and read the question aloud under your thumb and answer quickly. Throw the ball again.
  • 1 set of Coaching Cubes: Choose from 36 coaching questions that can be used for the whole group or in smaller groups.
  • 1 set of Story Cubes: Tell your story in small groups based on the pictures of the cubes.
  • 1 set of Business Model Architect cards: Focus on the business and choose your methods.
  • 1 set of Infinite Questions and Appreciations cards: Complete the questions in pairs and learn a lot about each other. Accomplish and recognize everyone in the team.
  • 1 set of Change Option cards: Hold short meetings about the changes you need to make in pairs.
  • 1 Conversation Rope: Lay the rope out on the floor (preferably like a horseshoe) and ask everyone to answer a question and stand on rope.
  • 1 The Meeting Quiz Worksheet: Improve the ideas on 1 worksheet that is passed around the meeting table.
  • 1 set of Team Option: Hold short meetings on many meeting topics in pairs.

It is the manager who pulls a JOKER out of the container or an employee who suggests that the topic is a bit complicated and requires a JOKER. All the tools in the MEETING JOKER can be used again and again as the topic is never the same and the people you talk to along the way are also not the same. That is why new reflections constantly will appear.


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