Download now and DIY behaviour exercise: WANTED behaviour: Villains and Heroes

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Put a reward on wanted and not wanted behavior

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12 behavior posters ready to print. The illustrations are made by Allan Meinhardt.

Who are villains and who are the heroes in your team? Prioritize the Wanted Posters when you have found the value of the villains and the heroes. Decorate the walls with the posters, which you think will help or hinder the conduct. 

The 12 WANTED posters focus on:

Here's 3 ways to use WANTED posters:

As an icebreaker
Ask all your participants to step out on the floor. Hand out each participant 1 WANTED poster and ask everyone to meet each other in a few short meetings of two minutes in 3-man groups. Each participant can now ask one of the posters 3 questions to one in the trio. When all 3 meetings are finished everyone moves on to a new brief meeting with a new WANTED poster in hand. In this way, all your participants has said something and listened to something about behavioral values. Let the brief meetings continue until everyone has participated in at least 4 short 3-party meetings. With this icebreaker exercise everyone on your team will say something short and spontaneously about the behavior values.

Proposal for a 'second round'
Ask your participants to get together in groups of 5. The task now is to put a specific reward on every WANTED poster in a comprehensible currency. One is allowed to come up with a reward because you want to eradicate or to promote the behavioral value. When all rewards are listed on the posters, they can be prioritized in order. Ask the groups to line up the posters. Ask the groups to consider which behaviors that lack and to add them to new glossy posters. Ask the groups to present their findings.

Proposal for 'third round'
Ask your participants to get together in pairs and relate to these questions: What are the benefits from using our conversations and priorities? In what ways will this be reconciled with the company's existing values? How can we use WANTED posters to further inhibit or promote behavioral values ​​in our company? How do we become the best to promote proper behavior in the company?


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