The Foam Hand

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Use the fun, yellow foam hand

Foam Hand: Height: 11 cm. Width: 7.5 cm.

Help your participants to remember the messages and great ideas from the meeting or the workshop. Ask everyone to 'log' the best, the most important or an upcoming task on this fun, yellow sticky foam hand.

Method 1: Everyone has their own foam hand, which have been provided at the beginning of the meeting or training session. Everyone goes home with their reflections visible to themselves and to others.

Method 2: Everyone has their own foam hand at an agreed series of meetings. They bring the same hand every time and fill in a little at a time. 

Method 3: The meeting or workshop has one hand that all participants contribute to. At the start of the meeting: What do we want to achieve? Use the hand as a reminder during the meeting. At the end of the meeting: What will we do in the future? 

Method 4: The consultant's evaluation hand. Give your participants a hand by the end of your training. Ask them to write what they have learned. You can choose to keep all hands for the development of your training course. You can also pass it on to the person who ordered you for the job.

Method 5: Your own method.


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