Download now: Feedback - learn to give and receive (4 exercises)

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Outrageous delicious FEEDBACK

Give everyone the opportunity to give and receive feedback. We offer The Feedback Quartet in four variants: One for executives, one for colleagues, one for clients and one for everyone else. A new world will open up to YOU.

The first participant will start the round with a note including half feedback that he has to complete in front of every other participant. After this it's the turn of the next participant. Round and round and round until everyone has had a round. 

After the feedback it is time to examine why it works so well with feedback. Ask participants to talk about:

What works best: To give or to receive feedback?

How does it really work? To receive it? To give it? To hear others giving it? To hear others receiving it?

Why is it that it works this way?

Do we want more or less feedback in the team or in the department?

Enjoy your feedback!


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