DIY training: 'Celebrate What's Right With the World' with Dewitt Jones

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Feel an intoxication of excitement

Celebrate What's Right With the World: DVD playing 22 min. English language. DVD also contains English leader guide, English workbook and English PowerPoint.

Do you have a vision for your company? Do you have a vision for yourself? A vision that inspires you every morning and makes you open to opportunities. Celebrate What's Right With The World gives you insight into how powerful it is to have a vision full of possibilities.

Feel an intoxication of excitement
This motivating film showcases overwhelming photography and amazing dialogue, as a helping hand to you, so you too can throw yourself over your life in an intoxication of excitement, confidence and gratitude. The film's messages are ...

Believe it and you will see it
Appreciate the diversity
Look for opportunities
Release your energy so you too can do something about what is not working
Keep up with the changes
Take yourself to your edge
Be the best you can ever be to others.

Use the film
When you want to find your passion at the meeting, training course or workshop. How and how much do you want from each other at the network meeting? What motivates you? What will you give to others? Who are you when you do what you do?


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