Play The Cross-Culture Tour Game and get globe culture smart

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The Cross-Culture Tour Game

What do you, your expatriate colleagues and your family members know about the countries you work in? Quiz yourself for more knowledge. It's both fun and serious.

The game box contains: 1 board 50 X 50 cm, 8 different colored pieces, 1 dice, 460 questions in business, social and factual areas. All texts in the game are in English. The game can be played by up to 8 participants. Game guide is included.

Game rules

The game contains more than 400 questions for at least 8 hours of play. In the Cross-Culture Tour Game, players will have to combine tactical considerations, cross-cultural understanding and behavioral knowledge to win the game.

The Cross-Culture Tour Game is aimed at an international audience. The game can be played in companies with foreign employees or with foreign customers. The game can also be used in educational institutions, as training in English and intercultural understanding. Several Danish companies and organizations have given the game to expatriate employees, as a preparation for their own and their family's assignment abroad.

The game has been developed in Denmark and has been created in close collaboration with specialists from many countries. The language English is chosen as the international language. The many hundreds of cards are sorted and thoroughly shuffled. However, it is up to the responsible manager of the game to make their own customized version. In other words, - the cards can and should be sorted in relation to the participants who will play the game.

When you want to focus on particular countries and cultural areas, you have to make sure that these questions come up between the top cards. If there are cards you want to avoid, they can be sorted out.

A basic rule is that the player who rolls the dice gets to read out the question - the question card that the current player has handed over to the opponent. If there is doubt about the wording, the 'reader' can hold his thumb over the correct answer and show the current player the written wording.

The game comes with a guide in English.

2 ways to play Cross-Culture

1) 'All against all': All 8 participants, each with their own playing piece and starting place, can compete against each other.
2) 'Team against team': Two teams with 4 to 7 people in each team play against each other. Each team has 1 piece. The 2 groups start in their own 'corner of the world' - starting base is chosen for example N and S. Each team chooses a 'card holder'. The team that has to answer a question or take on a challenge must 'internally' discuss the possibilities. The leader of the game may choose to 'stress' the game by giving each team limited time to respond.

Enjoy the game.


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