Download DIY paper: The One-Minute Pep talk Generator for leaders

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The one-minute pep talk generator for leaders

Download: You will receive the Pep Talk Generator as a pdf in your mailbox. 

You are the leader. One of your tasks is to motivate and boost your employees. This needs to be done appropriately in relation to you and your leadership style, your employees and the overall situation. Therefore, you can easily use this peptalk generator, which helps you find the right words.

Choose with sincerity from these 3 lists of Exclamations, Adjectives and Team, which hit the spot and spread joy. Once you have delivered your prelude, you can elaborate on it: ‘When I choose the word (adjective)… it is because… and with the team designation… I want to emphasize the meaning that we are…’

Then explain why you are gathered about the case, the task or the situation.

With this ‘generator’ you have 15,625 different options for preludes.

© LEADERS WAREHOUSE 2020 after Deena Ebbert's idea '5-second pep talk generator'.


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