DIY training: 'More Than One Right Answer' with Dewitt Jones

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Find more than one correct answer

'More Than One Right Answer': DVD duration 3 min. English. DVD also contains leaders guide in english.

Dewitt Jones reminds us that it's usually quite easy to find one right answer. The difficulty lies in finding new answers and new angles. It is quite incredible what we can discover when we search for more real answers to our problems and challenges.

This wonderful short film is perfect to open everybody up. New ideas, new ways of thinking, new angles of attack, new proportions. There is always more than one answer.

What's the point?
Turn problems into opportunities
Switch to the right optics

Use the film
When you and your team want to seek more than one correct answer at the meeting, course, workshop or network meeting.

'Everything changes when you look at the world from an angle with more than one correct answer.'
Dewitt Jones


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