DIY training: 'Focus Your Vision' with Dewitt Jones

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Dream a little dream

Focus Your Vision: DVD 20 min. English. DVD also includes English leaders guide, English workbook and English PowerPoint.

For Dewitt Jones, having a vision has been crucial. It keeps him going and helps him determine if he is on the right track. It has helped him to be in harmony with himself and with those around him. At the same time, he has come right to the heart of what he is doing. See here what his film can do for you:

First message: Stay focused
When you focus on the vision, you discover the purpose.
'When you create the vision, whether it's a photograph or a vision for your business or life, focus is always the key.'

Second message: Stop, watch and listen
Amazing visions do not show up by accident! To find the right one, we need to slow down and really understand what we are doing.
'So how do we find clear and focused visions? Should they help us solve everyday challenges or should they give direction to our lives. '

Third message: Hold on to the best, let the others lie
Our intelligence should probably help us figure out which part of the vision really matters.
'I ask my intelligence to analyze the situation, - to distinguish between what is important and what is unimportant. And then I sharpen my vision. '

Fourth message: Believe in your intuition
Once we have learned to believe in intuition, it is able to reveal extraordinary visions.
'Intuition. Call it just what you will - it means nothing. What matters is that we learn to believe in it. '

Fifth message: It is not forbidden to exceed one's own limits
Taking chances and expanding our horizons helps us pump life into the vision.
'Push. Renew the rules. Believe in yourself. Take chances. They told me I could not. What do you mean, I could not? '

Sixth message: Make your vision big enough
Fantastic visions should not be focused too tightly.
'The story changed. Was my vision flexible enough to change with history?'

Seventh message: Do you have juice in your camera?
Juice is your passion - the energy you need to realize your vision.
'What a message! ‘Is there juice in your camera?’ Adam had. Do you have?'

Use the film
When you want to find your vision at your meeting, course, workshop or network meeting. What is your purpose? Who will you help? What are you passionate about? What is the special thing you want to contribute?

'Dream the dream, find the extraordinary vision and then focus on it.'
Dewitt Jones


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