DIY training: Fly as Southwest Airlines: It's So Simple

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Giant company is successful with being helpful

Southwest Airlines: It's So Simple
15 minutes with danish subtitles and a 43 paged leaders guide.

Fly with Southwest Airlines if you also would like to focus on:

Deep RESPECT for each other
Lets HELP everybody else
Hire ATTITUDES, train for skills
FREEDOM to be yourself

How hard can it be?
Meet the staff and the management. They will tell how it is to be a part of Southwest Airlines, with more than 30,000 employees.

With the film follows a leaders guide assisting you to choose your journey and destination and how you get there.

When you are employed by Southwest Airlines:
You have said yes to help your colleagues.
You have taken on the company values ​​and made them your own.
You have taken on the responsibility to do what it takes, to please customers and colleagues.
You are surrounded by people who cares about you.

Does this sound like an environment you would like to work in? It's actually not that difficult.

PS. Southwest Airlines is one of the few airlines that makes a profit. And the reasons you've just read.


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