DIY training: 'Wealth, Innovation & Diversity'

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Open the door to the 21st century

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity: DVD 31 min. English subtitles and narration. DVD also contains English leader guide, English workbook and English PowerPoint.

This film 'Wealth, Innovation & Diversity' takes you on a journey of discovery to understand a basic truth: Without diversity no innovation. And without innovation no growth. In other words: Diversity is not only the right thing to do. Diversity is the source that holds the greatest potential.

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity states that your business will experience long-term success when you recruit, promote and encourage people who are different from yourself.

The messages of the film's are immediately transferable to a number of the challenges that your company is facing:

A new understanding of the value from diversity.
The connection that diversity has to innovation and prosperity.
What is reciprocity and why is it so important to the future?
Why is diversity a natural and vital part of our universe?

Diversity is the key that opens the door to the 21st century welfare.
Joel Barker


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