DIY training: Flourish with FISH! Starter Pack

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When you and your team want a glowing joy at work

FISH! Start Package: Buy the most effective tools for your upcoming meetings with your team.

These FISH! tools will help you creating a team full of joy. By the way - this pack includes a nice discount.

Starter Pack: 10 tools
The FISH! film on DVD
FISH! guide with tips and inspiration for the leader
The attitude banner with 50 attitudes
1 FISH! book
1 Rory's Story Cubes
1 small Pete FISH!
1 FISH! Workplace Poster
1 set of Infinite Question 
20 FISH! table cards

What we have seen
We have a experience with these training tools in our workshops. We see participants getting involved. We see participants having fun. We see participants 'being there'. The greater meaning becomes clear when all are involved and curiosity, enthusiasm and understanding materialize.

We choose to let participants spend much recognition. We do this because it's so important to be recognized for what they have contributed. It may be because you have been super good listener or because you said something amazing. It promotes confidence in the group. The road to the new behavior has thus become much shorter.

This Starter Pack contains the tools that you can see in the pictures above.

No shipping Cost will be charged in shipment by 'demonstration' and 'meeting'.


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