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Play it again, leader!

FISH! for Leaders Play: 9 min. Leaders Guide, power points and the test can be downloaded via the link provided. All materials are in English. In addition, the included booklet FISH! for Leaders (31 pages) provided in pdf file so you can print the desired number.

More and more companies recognize the importance of PLAY. They see that the best results are created by people who have fun and are committed while working. They also recognize that a relaxed, a 'let's give it a try' mindset ignites creativity. However, one can not force creativity or install enthusiasm as a software program. If managers are to benefit from a playful environment of trust and respect, they must first learn how to create it.

FISH! for Leaders PLAY shows how a culture filled with enthusiasm is created. A culture where it is safe for employees to 'play' with the idea of ​​how they can work on better ways to act in particular situations and develop the company.

FISH! for Leaders PLAY is especially suited for:

• To increase employee commitment
• To improve customer satisfaction
• To generate fantastic solutions
• Helping employees to become more confident, responsible and independent.

The 6 sections of the FISH! for Leaders series are:

• It Starts With Me
• Be There
• Play
• Make Their Day
• Choose Your Attitude
• Who Are You Being?

The trademark FISH! is a registered trademark belonging to Chart House International Learning Corporation.


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