Cube in foam for important decisions and learning points to remember

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Remember the learning on your mind cube

The pack contains 12 foam cubes to be assembled. They come in yellow, green, blue, red, orange and purple. A cube measures 8 X 8 X 8 cm with 5 blank pages and 1 page with the text:

'These are YOUR memories. You've experienced brand new thinking and tried new ways of doing things. You've stretched your mind, challenged your thinking. WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU Learned. PUZZLE OVER IT. Recall key points and keep it fresh. '

Use The Mind Cube at training events and meetings where you have to remember key learning points and decisions!

Competition or play?
Hand out one cube to everyone on your team. Make them puzzle the cube. Honour the one that completes his or her cube on time. 

Use The Mind Cube freely and write what you need to write during the session. Tru to define the individual pages of the cube. What do you remember the best. What do you want to act on. What have you learned? New ideas you have received. What can I park for later use?


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