The Strengths Game - DIY exercise with strong cards

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Spot and train strengths

The Strengths Game: Box Set with 2 decks containing 24 cards. Above you can choose whether you want the cards in Danish or English. You can also choose one Danish and one English set.

You can train your personal strengths in the same way that you can strengthen and train your body. You must strengthen your favorite strengths and learn to use other even more. You will become an expert in the forces and to spot them - both your own and your colleagues.

One play mode: The power of strength
20 minutes. Use one set of strength map and one conversation partner.

Pull 3 random cards.
Place them in front of you on the table in the order in which strength suits you.
Review all 3 strength map and answer the questions:

What is the power of strength?
What is the potential of this strength?
(See eg potential against a task you have ahead of you).

Based on this conversation, which of these forces will you train?

Spread out the other cards on the table.
What strengths can help you train strength?
Take the selected cards and place them in front of you with the strength you want to train.
Tell how these strengths can help you train strength.

Closing questions: How has this discussion helped you?

Another play method: Around the forces
25 minutes. Use one set of strength map and one conversation partner.
Spread all 24 strength cards out on a table. Ask your colleague to choose 4 cards under the headings:

Your topstrength
The strength others say you have
The strength you wish you
Your weakest strength.

Now place these 4 cards in a 'compass': north, west, east and south. Ask your colleague answer these questions:

What do you see in front of you?
What is the game for you?
How does the strengths to each other?
What surprises you most?
Inserting the card 'Your weakest strength' about which picture emerges so?
What other order would you want to put the cards in?
What harmony is there between the forces and your job?
What insights gave short and conversations you?

Thank colleague for conversation.


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