Suitcase full of Appraisal Interviews: Dialogging

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DIALOGGING appraisal interviews, loved by everyone

Apply new vitality to your appraisal interviews, to benefit both managers and employees. Dialogging is a game of interaction that makes the dialogue flow. Even difficult problems can be dealt with in a constructive way. The game is a boardgame that is controlled by some postulates and where openness is rewarded. You can decide what topics you want to address during the game.

Dialogging is a 100% danish game designed by Danes in Danish.
Dialogging is richly illustrated with an enchanting Viking universe.
Dialogging comes in a solid and professional suitcase.
Dialogging may, where appropriate, be used in small chunks and in full bloom - and everything in between.

Play it on a regular basis
The game can be repeated regularly and helps to prevent and resolve conflicts. The outcome will be different depending on the situation, the company and what issues addressed. After each round of play participants prepares some personal and reciprocal actions.

ABCD analysis
Through the game dialogue, there will come criterion to work with. Note them on Post Its, and when the dialogue stops, you will have a clear grouping on ABCD plates of the actions to be performed. 

Interaction analysis
The results of the work with Dialogging can be measured and made visible through Analysis, supplied in the suitcase. This analysis can be repeated.

A Chart for the leader and Logbooks for each employee. These tools are for self-study and contains many illustrations. They are filled with tasks and there is room to check results and notes from the dialogue with colleagues.

A Signalbook contains artwork that enlivens the entire process. Navigation rules gives examples of how the process can be built. Dialogging is so flexible that it can be implemented in many different ways.

The Dialogging suitcase contains:

1 Leaders Guide
10 Employee Handbooks 
The board game with checkers, dice and a dice cup
How to play the game (Navigation Rules)
Box with postulates about the daily work
1 Teamwork Analysis
Self-adhesive labels
1 Signals Book
1 hourglass for timing

Dialogging comes in a nice, solid wooden suitcase.


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