Find your identity: Play the game of Work Value

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Work is also enjoyment and community

Work Value: 1 box with 2 decks of 55 cards. Also included is a guide with gaming-ideas and activities. 

Everyone know that we are working in every possible way. Only when there is an employment relationship, we consider it's like a real job. Why is it like that? And on the other hand many people express their disgust of their job. Without they are in despare. The confusion is total, when you look in the dictionary. Here there are several explanations for 'work': It is all that is associated with difficulty and wear. Work is also the salaried work carried out in business. Work is also equal to enjoyment and community.

Kill the confusion with the game of Work Value:
What is work and what is job?
What is important to the individual?
How can you express your values through your work or through other activities?
Which work values do other people have?
Are work values the same throughout life?
Which job is best to choose if it should be consistent with your work values?

With the game follows a 38-page leaders guide including 8 exercises:
1. What is 'work'?
2. What am I looking for?
3. Look yourself in the cards (do I have what I'm looking for?)
4. Should it be a job?
5. Investigation of values
6. Who would like this job?
7. Does work values transform?
8. What type of work is right for me?

Use the game in connection with:
Career development
Life Planning
Educational and vocational orientation
Vocational Guidance
Teacher-student-parent conversations
Job Search
Individual guidance of people with and without a job
Talk it through with colleagues at work

This game is designed by Jens Fisker Carlsbæk and Orla Klausen.


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