DIY training: 'Seeing RED Cars' with Laura Goodrich

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Focus on what you want and get more of it

Seeing RED Cars: DVD 10 min. English text and narration. DVD also includes english language exercises.

Get more of what you want!
'Seeing Red Cars' is a 10-minute long training film that encourages you and your employees to focus on what you want instead of focusing on what you do not want. Just think of a golfer who is about to hit the ball. He really must not end up in the lake. He keeps saying, do not hit the lake. Do not hit the lake. Hit the lake ... spluuush. The golf player focused on what he did not want. And he got it.

Try this out: Go for at ride in your car and decide to watch out for RED cars. Do you think that you will notice any red cars at all?

With a positive attitude and a few actions you and your team will be encouraged to move in the right direction.

Laura Goodrich is a trainer and a consultant. The film 'Seeing Red Cars' and the accompanying material will help you making better decisions, defeat negativity and create a positive environment.


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