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Meeting breaks for body and brain

Here's 10 different exercises for your meetings breaks. Print and handout the Snip Snap, which is the droll tool we all played with as children. On the Snip Snap handout an instruction is included 'How to fold your Snip Snap.

  • Meeting Breaks relaxes and speeds up an ordinary meeting.
  • Meeting Breaks contains a little gymnastics and something for the brains.
  • Participants are both involved in the choice of challenge and in the actual execution.
  • Meeting Breaks are delivered in a pdf format and are ready to print.

As soon as everyone has folded their Snip Snap ask them to enter the floor with their Snip Snap approaching a partner which they have not spoken to in this meeting. Please 'say hello' and then Snip Snap each other:

First Snip Snap the chosen colours letters (eg G-R-E-E-N).
Then the chosen number (eg 1-2-3-4-5).
Then select a new number and the flap can be opened.
Under the flap is a letter from A to H, corresponding the presentation with 8 challenging exercises. The task is now to address the challenge together.

After this the other person Snip Snaps the first. 

In the next meeting break invite participants on the floor again. Now they must approach a new partner.

As their leader you choose the exercise:

You, me and the both of us
The best of the best 
Standing dry swimming 
Neck and shoulder 
Castles in the Air 
Warming up
As a bonus exercise we have included Mouth Watering, so all in all, 11 different exercises.

These exercises have been developed in cooperation with relaxation therapist and ergonomic consultant Inge Friis Nielsen.

We wish you good luck with your meeting breaks and your meetings!


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