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Blog: Wanted - head of motivation 

Your chair is brand new. You will refer directly to me. I'm the CEO of the company. You will be tasked with the commitment in our company. By that I mean that all managers and all employees must have an interest and a commitment to do what they are doing. Your new title will be 'Head of Motivation'.

Your job will be to keep track of all our managers and employees. They deserve it. And it's not something I'm writing just for fun. I mean it so emphatically that you have to follow the commitment so closely that we know the level daily, weekly and monthly. Then nothing should come as a surprice. Our employees must be committed every day and throughout the day. You are going to monitor this and alert the leaders so that they can motivate in a timely and appropriate manner.

Let me start with a few examples. First, Example No. 1
One Saturday I was standing in line at a checkout counter in a supermarket. The ribbon was filled with goods. The front customer had just put a few new plastic shopping bags on top. But the cashier had started beeping goods in and did not pay attention to the shopping bags, which the customer needed quite a lot. The customer had to make the cashier aware of beeping the bags so she could pack her goods. My point is that if the cashier had a motivating manager, then this manager would have a committed cashier who was interested in the customer's need for immediate delivery of shopping bags. The cashier was a non-committed employee.

Here is example # 2
When I started as an office student in a large Danish industrial company, I met the CEO after 1 week. He stumbled into the reception area where I was beginning my student days. I did not know him, neither by appearance nor by name. So I jumped up from my chair and said, 'Can I help you?' The man had already come a few yards past me and turned around and was now standing with the front facing me, saying, 'I'm actually the CEO here.' And then he went on. The director was a non-committed director. I am still a little confused about this incident more than 40 years later.

And here is example # 3
A driver in a large building materials company had to go from Copenhagen to North Zealand to deliver a table top. When he loaded the tabletop, he saw that there was a scratch in the tabletop. Still the driver chose to drive off. The customer accepted the tabletop and immediately spotted the deep scratch and refused to receive the item. The driver apologized and returned the next day with a new and flawless table top. The driver was a non-committed employee.

Our work becomes a breeze
With motivating leaders, committed employees and you as a motivational manager, work becomes a breeze. So when we achieve our goals, fulfill our mission, live our values ​​and pursue our vision.

Your job ad reads as follows:

Are you our new Head of Motivation?

As Head of Motivation, you must help strengthen the management quality in our company. All managers must be dressed to ensure that all employees are engaged. The chair you need to sit in is brand new.

We have not yet settled on our index figures for engagement, as this whole initiative is new. At the same time, our investment in the commitment is an expression that we firmly believe that it is valuable that everyone is committed.

The investment goes first on the managers' ability to motivate the employees. Next, the investment is that the employees' commitment is present every day and all day. As Head of Motivation, you need to follow the commitment daily and week by week. And you need to step in with the help of the leaders if the number fluctuates. What else should the Head of Motivation provide?

The Head of Motivation must also make a long-term plan that follows all other strategies and plans and goals in the company. At the same time, the Head of Motivation must make an overview of everything that can happen in the company and what to be ready with. It can, for example, be a special work pressure for a period. A littered project. A lost order. An unexpected termination. Decline in the market. A hacker attack. And so on.

The Head of Motivation needs to prepare us for it all. The Head of Motivation also knows who is making a lot of noise and what needs to be done about it in advance.

All incidents are logged byt the Head of Motivation. Maternity leave. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Duty plans. Celebrations. Markings. Private circumstances. Everything is logged and leaders can be informed in time so they can prepare. This is called being strategic. The Head of Motivation is ahead of everything and has prepared for everything. Only then does the engagement cease to be random and become strategic.

In our company, I believe that the potential for committed employees is quite large. I'm not saying this to bother anyone. Nah, I look at myself in the mirror and ask if I can do it better. It is my job to motivate the leaders. They need to be dressed to motivate the employees so that they can get involved in the work again. I want to do something active and quick about that. Are you her or him who can help with that?

Please contact me by phone +45 71 92 55 63. Then we can clarify whether there is a basis for meeting. Think about the possibility and then give me a call.

The blog is written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.

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