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Talk about 'it' in a fun way - it's both fun and serious

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Download the 'Flip Flap': You played with it as a child. Now you can use it to initiate sincere and intense conversations about, for example, your service, your collaboration, your meetings, your way of leading. Put the 'item' in your basket and buy it in the normal way. You will then receive a pdf in your mailbox.

2 in 1
The Flip Flap is delivered completely empty. It is up to the individual participant to color it and formulate the questions and fold the Flip Flap and make it ready for dialogue. The most difficult part is formulating relevant and effective questions. You can have a short 'course' in this first.

Flip Flap in your mailbox
Order the download of the Flip Flap. In a few seconds you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox. Click the link, open the file and save it to your computer or phone. Now you can print the numbers you need.

Flip Flap is a very old children's game
On an empty Flip Flap there is room for 8 questions. When the Flip Flap is coloured, provided with the numbers 1 to 8 and eight questions and folded correctly, it is ready for use. Insert 2 fingers from each hand into the Flip Flap pockets. Now you can Flip Flap!

Hit the floor
Get up. Meet 1 colleague and first ask with a completely closed Flip Flap: Which color do you choose? You must now spell the selected color at the same time as you flip and flap. Now the Flip Flap is open and you can ask your colleague: Which number do you choose? Then you count to the selected number at the same time as you flip and flap. Finally, you ask your colleague to choose a number between 1 and 8. After this, you open the Flip Flap all the way up and ask the chosen question and then listen to the answer.


The world famous Flip Flap
In Denmark, we all know it. It has been called very differently, from region to region. Some call it Flip Flap. Some call it Nip a Nose. Some call it Snip Snap. In Sweden it is called Loppa because it is so pointed that it can catch a flea. What is it called where you use it?


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