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More trust and confidence, please!

Download: 2 sheets of A4 in a PDF format. Save the PDF on your PC and print as needed. No shipping cost will be invoiced.

Begin with participants' definition
Ask your participants to sit in pairs and formulate their definition of 'trust' according to their dictionary.

Then it all gets much easier
According to the dictionary 'trust' is about great teamwork, relationships between employees and managers and last but not least the interaction with customers. Everything gets much easier when trust is in the team.

When you have 'trust' in another person you are able to complete this sentence:

Basically, I believe you are good at ...

This sentence can be completed with the things you concider the other person is good at - basically. If you think the other person is bad, it will support the confidence, when both parties agree on this. In this case one asks for help and the other offers help. 'Help' is the natural part of 'confidence' between two people.

Use the conversation card
To get started talking about confidence in your team the conversation card can be used. Ask your participants to stand in groups of 5 to 7 in a small circle. 1 person is handed the conversation card and must now complete the sentence in front of every team member in the group. Then the conversation card is given to the next team member, which also completes the sentence in front of each member in the group. Continue until everyone have completed the sentence to everyone.

Prepare with the excercise paper
With this exercise you are up and running within minutes talking about TRUST, getting it defined and having it tested.


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