The Worlds Happiest Textbook in Teamwork

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Golden nuggets for teams makes everyone happy

Team pack: 12 copies of The Teamwork textbook with illustrations by Mogens Remo. 82 pages in A5 format. Expect 10 days delivery.

The textbook makes everyone in the team aware about themselves and each other.
Make the team achieve uncommon results.
The textbook is richly illustrated in bright colors.
The textbook is easy to make notes in.
The textbook is full of golden nuggets.

Ensure that everyone in your team is aware of themselves and each other. Give each team player 'The Worlds Happiest Textbook in Teamwork'.

42 happy illustrations
Learning: A picture can say more than 10,000 words
All wheels are important when the machinery is to function
The emotional bank account
How do you listen?
3 types of human beings
It spreads, like ripples in water
The four elements of trust
Feedback is ...
Follow me (the leader)
Reactions to changes
The stairs of change
Different view
Give fish - or learn to fish?
Group or Team?
Take a moment in my shoes, with my glasses on!
Attitudes and habits
Attitude concept
What is the energy for?
Which glasses are you wearing?
Where is your organization?
When the conflict should be taken seriously?
Idea Killers 
Interaction in a group environment
The story of the three stonecutters
Employee involvement
Targets and motivation
Something that may affect
OK feelings
Resource optimization
Set-up and results
Strategy Development
The 10 rules for open communication
Team synergy 2 + 2 = 5
The team's development
Development of self-management
Knowledge sharing
Team contract

What is teamwork?
Teamwork is the ability to control individual results towards common goals. It is the fuel, which makes it possible for the ordinary people, to achieve unusual results. For together we are able to accomplish what none of us could accomplish alone.

The book is also a note taker
Try to interpret the book's images and note your ideas. This will give you the inspiration to be even better to cooperate. No experience is more important and no theory works better than you yourself are able to perceive, create and reflect upon.

What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.
Old Chinese proverb


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