The KOOSH ball

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Cuddle the KOOSH ball

KOOSH ball multicolor, measuring about 7.5 cm.

When the fingers have something to 'work' with you become a better listener. With a KOOSH ball your fingers get stimulated and you achieve a better concentration and greater listening skills.

The KOOSH ball is a fun meeting gadget to bring to your meetings or your workshops. You can also just leave it on your desk and cuddle it when you need it. For example, during a telephone conversation.

Method 1: Bring KOOSH balls to your team. Tell them what KOOSH is and initiate the course or the meeting with a talk about concentration and listening. What needs do the individual have and how can you help each other? Someone will probably 'babysit' your KOOSH ball.

Method 2: Hand out a KOOSH ball as part of the course material to every participant.

Method 3: Use a KOOSH ball as a talking stick. Sit or stand in a circle and throw KOOSH to each other and allow in this way every participants have their say. It can be a presentation round or an evaluation round.

Method 4: Stand in a circle and throw the KOOSH ball in a proper rhythm around the circle. Every time it is catched the person says something related to the topic you discuss. For example, an idea or a value.

Method 5: Your own method.


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